The Long Road

The CHASM between dreaming of a celebratory trip to Europe commemorating 50 years of marriage, the purchasing of airfares, etc., to packing and closing up shop has been HUGE. One day we were dreaming of seeing the Mona Lisa, munching on French croissants while sipping on cappuccinos, but then found ourselves awaiting medical clearance to travel abroad. 

This “delay” in the plans for our trek has spanned nearly 5 months. Last week, the retinol specialist gave us the green light to launch–this then was followed by a furry of exhilaration, praises to God, piles of what-I-might-take, Global Pass destinations and Amazon–not necessarily in that order. 

My hope is to document our European Vacation with enough enjoyable detail so as to engage and perhaps, ignite the imagination of the reader.  

Stay tuned.

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