We traveled through Bruges to get to our next location, visited with our previous Airbnb host, Magda, and took an historical walking tour of the city. In many ways, this quaint town has a real cozy feel, and you are compelled to be out and about mingling with the friendly community.

Therefore, we found ourselves sipping on “flat-whites,” watching folk walk the town which wreaks of  charm, beauty and lots of crazy riders, on more bicycles than you can imagine.



We spent a couple of days in Ghent, Belgium, a college town which was stunning to behold. It was fresh, vibrant, and alive with activity, i.e., students populating the hang-outs, music coming from varying locations, and rarely a stool to sit on outside to sip java while taking in the sights. It is located around canals, with offering of boat tours, which are packed with tourists like sardines in a can. 

Most European cities boast of possessing at least one castle or what might appear to be a castle among their prestigious structures. Ghent locals insist that nary a castle compares to the one seated in the center of their beloved city—the Gravensteen Castle.

There truly is something about castles which (may) conjure up well-known fairy tales where the trapped damsel in distress is awaiting rescue by her enchanting prince who whisks her off into the sunset to live happily ever after. 

That said, we toured the castle with an historical audio guide which may have been more folklore and legends than actual history. But hey–who doesn’t love a good story?


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Now. . .on to Trier, Germany, Luxembourg, St. Goar,  Koblenz, Hamburg,  Germany AND Edinburgh, Scotland. Will I ever get caught up? Maybe less verbiage would be more advantageous?

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  1. When I opened this post and saw that picture of the ‘castle’ along the canal all I could say was “Whoa!” It is so picturesque! I get why you said “no words!” So happy you are continuing to enjoy and experience such rare beauty! Travel on, my friends! But just come home so we can hear all about it in person!! Miss you!

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