We arrived in Florence and immediately stepped into the hustle-bustle of a transportation station—everyone moving in one direction or another. Without even a pause on our end, we headed for town, dragging our wheels behind us. And, by all appearances, we looked like we knew where we were going (tongue-in-cheek).

Now, let me pause for a moment, lest I offend someone very near-and-dear to me. Let’s put it this way—shocking as it may be, both the Google map app and the Apple variety have their issues. . . If I had even a quarter every  time the “mapper” stopped and declared, “We’re going the wrong direction,”  . . . Anyways. . .movin’ on.  

We arrived-in a round-about way to our temporary homestead, and were surprisingly pleased.  Not only was there a fully-equipped kitchen, but there was a table with chairs large enough to work on our computers AND. . .wait for it–A PRIVATE BATH!! WE WERE ECSTATIC!!! (livin’ high on the hog!) What does that even mean?


Some advantages to traveling with a pack and wearing comfortable shoes are versatility and flexibility. We walked to and from the city every day, logging anywhere from 10 to 13 miles, says the “stepper-counter,” I.e, Rick, able to go any direction of our choosing.


It is also a wonderful way to engage with the environment, pause for photos,  bask in the beauty and age of the monuments, take in fountains flowing around mythical characters, cathedrals, and churches reaching to the heavens, which have withstood centuries of climate and  environment but refuse to deteriorate. It is a city of staunch character, solidity, and artistic expression.


Florence is teeming with tourists, merchants selling their wares on the street (a price just for you) fresh croissants and every imaginable pillowy pastry, pizza slices oozing with cheese, ciabatta sandwiches bulging with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, spices, and much, much more all displayed behind glass for tantalizing  purposes while strolling by (and yes we did). Did I mention Italy scoops up the best gelato known to mankind? Cones are piled high with the likes of lemon, cherry, or strawberry bursting with flavor, and chocolate mousse, cookie dough, or Snickers  laced with ribbons of caramel. And of course, every cone is decorated with a vanilla lace cookie that serves as a great dipper for those who prefer to eat their cones with some level of dignity (that would not be me 🙂 Sadly, I see gelato cravings and withdrawal in my very near future.

We gawked over famous paintings, busts and figurine masterpieces by the likes of Botticelli, Michelangelo, and Lippi, in both the Bargello, and Uffizi (more on this later), museums. We window-shopped down several prestigious streets offering merchandise from Chanel, Bulgari, Rolex, Ferragamo, etc., and toured most of the city sights. All of this along side “many” of our new friends :-).

2 thoughts on “FLORENCE

  1. Bellisimo!
    I hope your time in Italy is full of the sights and sounds of a country full of love, passion and beauty!
    Buon Noche.
    Ciao Bella

  2. Oh Sherry, you must be loving experiencing all the art! So happy you even had a nice room with a private bath to enjoy! You guys are really getting around! Love hearing and seeing all the sights along with you! Thanks for sharing!

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