So, in one of my more recent meanderings, I briefly mentioned that we had made a U-turn to cross the English Channel as ScotRail RMT  employees were threatening a nationwide strike. We wanted to make sure we were on the London side of the channel to avoid getting stranded and not able to make our flight home.


I can now report the strike “possiblibility” materialized and on Saturday morning, after cleaning the Airbnb, re-packing and dragging all our bags to the train station bound for Inverness, we were told, “Sorry. You ain’t going nowhere on a train today.”

It is nine-thirty in the morning, we have  4+ travel hours ahead of us, having already paid for our lodging in Inverness, AND have no idea how we’re going to get there. 

Disaster, right? Actually, I am learning to “expect” that with traveling, there will almost always be challenges along the way, AND it is of no value nor is it productive to react with exasperation . . . Rather, I’m learning to think outside the box, consider other alternatives, and move past the frustration. And so we did.

We drank who knows how many cups of coffee, made new friends, read, and worked on our computers until it was time to board the ole’ Greyhound (City Link) to our next landing. 

FIVE hours later, we exited the bus, and walked to our new abode in pouring rain.

We arrived at the right address and stood at the walkway, stunned by the enchanting little house before our eyes. AND it was equipped with everything we could possible need, I.e., coffee, tea, milk, biscuits (called “biscuits” but are actually cookies), a small, but well-equipped kitchen, and LOTS of plugs in every room—okay—plugs “matter!”

We fell—dead tired—into a VERY comfy bed, and slept like babies.


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