IS NICE (pronounced “neese”) nice?

A                                              DETOUR FOR SOME HUMOR.

Yesterday in the very early hours of the morning, we boarded the train in Rome heading to Nice, France, in the French Riviera which is a coastal region with a subtropical climate. Having seen a snap-shot of the area, I of course, imagined a Paradise, right outside our door. Well. . .

Therefore, three trains and 9+ hours later (okay—I did say travel via train is magnifico. . .however one must settle in for the trek). We exited the train around 4-ish, revved up Google maps and headed to our abode in Nice, France.


Our “guide”(Rick) took us on a left turn down the street where there should have been a door with the address we were given. NOW….lest you think I am snooty—reality—this is what I pictured (on right)


At the end of the street we hit a “dead-end.” Hmmmm. Fortunately, a young man saw us scratching our heads, and he said, “Oh, that address is up the stairs.” See photo.

Let me just pause here for a moment. Rick and I both have heavy -laden packs strapped to our backs, two “rolling” backpacks (too heavy to carry on our backs) which Rick is hauling up the “stair case,” and I too, am lugging up a large suitcase with wheels but too bulky to pull upwards—all of this after a few hours sleep, and nothing but crackers on our bellies. It was not pretty.


Oh, I am not done. After the stairs, we see a building labeled with the Air b&b, address, and are attempting to hold back the tension building within. 

Takes us a few moments to find the lock box, get keys and walk in. We are not talking to each other at this point (avoidance behavior). See photo.

Oh, good news!! We are on the 4th floor (sarcasm indicated here). For each and every level, there are the equivalent of three sets of stairs  per floor roughly 80 plus (keep in mind we are on the 4th—we are not even exchanging “looks” at this point). See “gallery” below. 

We exit the stairs, unlock the door. Okay—it is not terrible, but expectations and reality sometimes collide in the worst way. The beach was not exactly steps away from our front door. . .See photo to view what in fact, was a step away from our door. . .

Okay–time for a come-to-Jesus-conversation! 

I sat down at the counter in a chair and “sweetly” commented, “This is NOT AT ALL WHAT I PICTURED!” After what seemed like a very long pause, Rick looked at me tenderly, and softly asked,  “What is our MANTRA?” Honestly, I did not care about anybodies  MANTRA at this point but it did give me pause. I took a deep breath and was able (with God’s supreme intervention) to say, “It is enough!” Our evening had just turned around.

We walked to the local market with an ALDI store painted on the front, but I’m here to tell ya, it was no ALDI! It looked like someone entered the store, opened grocery-containing shipping boxes, stacked them on shelves, and used the two end aisles to pile various food items, sundries, and clothing that no one was going to buy (hmm?). 

(drama added for effect)

We made dinner (the weirdest veggie burgers we have ever eaten), ate chocolate, and played cards.

At the end of the evening, Rick called me into the bedroom and said, “Look!” Here is what I saw—see photo.



I should end this charade right here but I am compelled to continue.

We get up this morning, finish reading writing and dialoging, and decide to find the beach—no matter how far we have to walk. We have only walked a mile and we stop in our tracks. SEE BELOW.


5 thoughts on “IS NICE (pronounced “neese”) nice?

  1. Oh wow! You had ‘enough’ exhaustion upon your arrival to cause you to be open and filled to over flowing with the gift of the next day! The Lord knows our limits and blesses us beyond them!! You two are SO amazing! Miss you!

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