I always awaken in a new location (Inverness) with quivering in my belly anticipating exploration wonder, and awe. This has been our mantra the entire journey.

We tentatively planned to visit the Isle of Skye for the day, so I started scouring the Web for transportation options. I quickly learned there was only one early bus route that would suffice. However, we scrambled  to get out the door and on our way within 20 minutes. So much for the “leisure” morning of coffee, reading and journaling.

Made it to the station in time, locked and loaded, we boarded. It was a BEAUTIFUL drive with scenery beyond lush and beautiful. The outlying landscape was just as one might imagine, deep-green, rolling hills dotted with herds of sheep commanding the hillsides-grazing the day away.

Two-plus hours later, we disembarked from the bus, our jaws dropped as we took pause to survey the glorious setting before us. IT WAS ENCHANTING! 

While standing on the cliff, overlooking the panoramic the view of the crystal-clear, deep-turquoise waters of the Ness, the river nestles and laps around the island stretching in all directions as far as the eye can see. MAJESTIC in its stark-grandeur. 

The Isle’s jetty is the setting of a rather small, compact pier, where the few existing buildings are pigmented in bright, primary colors, with locals selling fishing tackle and renting small schooners for a pittance. 

While strolling down the pier side, we followed the aroma of something cooking that smelled rather appetizing-to a one-man, take-away hut where a young man was hovering over hot oil, offering fish and chips fried to order—while you wait.and Yes! IT. WAS. WORTH. THE. WAIT.

We sat on a bench, at the top of the Isle, over-looking a stunning view of the river, while devouring the BEST, mildest fish I have ever eaten in my life. YUMMO! We were living fully in the moment with deep gratitude and appreciation for the very simple but “finer” things in life.

Most of the restaurants and small, ma n’ pop shops were closed on the Sunday we happened to be there, but this did not thwart our efforts to engage with the locals. We met “Inga at her “Sweet Shop” who boasted working 362 days a year, “because I want to serve the public.” She was a lovely woman, with many stories and tales about the Isle of Skye. After an extensive “chat” we paid for our chocolate, and Rick’s coconut macaroon, which Rick could not eat because it was a slab of sugar-brittle, rolled in marzipan and coconut. Ha!

The Isle of Skye possesses an alluring magnificence which cannot be captured in photos and additionally is inhabited by engaging humans with irresistible  charm—welcoming us to their island. It is so about the peeps and we had a “wonderful day in the neighborhood.”

4 thoughts on “ISLE OF SKYE

  1. Wow…. An opportunity of a lifetime!!! Did you see it? Did you get a picture of it while overlooking the panoramic view of the crystal-clear,deep-turquoise, waters of the Ness?
    The great Loch Ness Monster !!! That photo alone would be worth the entire trip !!
    Maybe Rick took a swim with it right? Looking forward to seeing all your pictures and hearing all the stories that go with them.

    PS: I think you (not Rick) could almost stand up in that loft 😜😜

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