I have a developed a severe case of wanderlust which moves me to  make a quick study of the surrounding cities for potential, single-day trip locations. That said, we headed to Luxembourg with great anticipation and expectation. 

Typically, when we arrive in a new province, our order of priority is to source the hub or city square where there are many local food offerings, museums, monuments and galleries.

After walking up and down city streets following signs to our anticipated destination, we reluctantly concluded that there just was not a local “center,” like most of the cities we have perused. And thus, we landed at Coffee Fellows Cafe, finding a table and seats, we opened our computers to do some journaling. 

After an hour or so into my “computering” (I made that up) it was time to get on my feet to explore Luxembourg’s prestigious claim to fame. I crossed the bridge to the north end of the country to where I began to see what I thought were interesting structures and historical sites luring me to investigate. 

I took photos of some  time-worn buildings, monuments, and land marks. In the opposite direction, I noted several narrow alleys, packed with crowds of people, walking up and down the store fronts. . .and BINGO!!! I found the “SQUARE!”


The SOUGHT-AFTER-SQUARE was populated with noontime business and shopper clientele devouring a variety of luncheon offerings from pizza, subs, salads, and some monstrous burgers and bushels of fries ladled with a decadent cheese sauce by the server.

There were more than diners inhabiting the city hub. An older, aproned, jolly man was wrapping paper cone-holders with airy, bubblegum-pink cotton fluff, for every boy and girl, a woman selling earrings with her Indian-inspired, hand-hewn stones , “name” bracelets made-while-you-wait, greeting cards, and a melting pot of souvenirs or remembrances for travelers. 

A clown creating balloon characters, hats and swords with a juggler flailing his pins would have completed the “circus” of sorts. It was electric with energy.

I continued my excursion down “Grand Rue“— a shopper’s nirvana with boutiques, exclusive leathers, perfumes and one-of-a-kind shoes. There is truly posh, high fashion on every corner. 

Then I hear music.

It was not just music—it was loud, and explosive melody coming from the strings of an instrument. I joined the crowd that had gathered, and watched this musician live into his music. 

Few people know how much Rick loves the violin and it is even his genre of choice given options. He loves the tone and cadence the violin strings produce. So. . .I immediately texted him.

Unfortunately, by the time we found each other, the concert had concluded. As we were returning to catch our return train, Rick stopped suddenly and said, “Listen! I hear it!” We followed the sound, and there he was—in all his melodic glory:

Click on the videos—take a listen as “Viktor” breathes life into his music.

 P.S. These videos are not star-quality (with pedestrians walking in front of my camera phone) but he is truly “astonishing!”

3 thoughts on “LUXEMBOURG

  1. I didn’t see the video… but I can hear the music based on your very clear description! Sounds like you’re having a blast! Keep it going!!

  2. Oh my goodness! What a treat! That violinist was truly amazing! Incredible that he was gifting all those passers by with a free concert! There’s something so peaceful in the strings of a violin! Thanks for sharing!

  3. These serendipitous happenings are the best! Happened to David and me in Saltsburg with a cellist. One of the greatest memories of our trip.

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