I could have included this little entry in yesterday’s journal except this one is a stand-out and deserves focus.

King’s Cross Station is a hub of activity with various activities to engage in. There are travelers loading trains heading out of the city for work, some killing time perusing jewelry, clothing, and Harry Potter stores, there are even small grocery stores offering wares of fresh fruit and salads to chips and chocolate bars. I found myself visiting one of these markets for toothpaste last night before heading back to our room.

I made my way to the counter to check out with my items (who buys only one item while in a store?). The grocery clerk at the counter was probably in his late 50’s, sporting a wild, gray afro with a big grin on his face when he asked, “How are you?” I told him I was doing well and he responded, “I detect an American accent.” I said, “Yes. I am from California.” “On vacation here?” Nate asked. I responded with, “Yes. We are on vacation celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary.” He immediately stopped, looked at me and in a not-so-quiet voice exclaimed, “CONGRATULATIONS!!! WOW!!” And to those standing in line waiting to check out he said, “Did you hear that?? This lady is celebrating 50 years of marriage. Isn’t that AMAZING???” I confess, I was not expecting to be the focused attention of the check-out line. Nate, with the same enthusiasm went on to say, “Go get some flowers. Go on now!” I told Nate we were staying in a one-room hotel and he said, “You can then make that one-room look BEAUTIFUL with some FLOWERS. Now go get your bouquet and you can pick from any of the flowers and it is on us.” So leaving the line, with those waiting, I ran around the store to find the flowers, grabbed a bouquet and headed towards Nate’s check stand. I put the bouquet on the counter and he said, “That’s a very good choice of flowers. Good for you!!!”

I was just about to leave when Rick walked up and I introduced him to Nate. And predictably, Nate’s exuberance was uncontainable (keep in mind, reader, the line of customers continues to grow as does the frustration of those waiting). Nate then proceeds to introduce Rick and me to the security officer, Hallal, telling her our story and she enthusiastically greeted us with, “CONGRATULATIONS YOU TWO!” Lest we keep the line waiting any longer, we made our exit.

Though we thanked Nate (and Hallal) profusely, no words could adequately express our immeasurable gratitude for such an unexpected and moving interface with Nate.

If there were more people like Nate, I do believe our world would be a bit kinder.

Celebrating Nate today.

3 thoughts on “NATE

  1. That’s so great to have such an experience when you’re traveling. Hope you meet many more Nate’s all along your journey.

  2. I somehow missed this entry! Shout it out to everyone! 50 years of marriage is so worth letting the world know!! ❤️❤️❤️

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