There are parts of England we visited some 10 years ago on our journey homeward-bound from Africa, which we wanted to revisit at some point in time. One of those stops was Cambridge University. And so, we did.

What a charming school—commanding such a presence with its 13th century array of stone work, intricate in design, majestic in height, toppled with multi-faceted roof-top steeples, seeming to reach to the heavens. It was magnificent.

In the center of campus, there was an area where vendors sold their wares—from fresh baked bread, assorted teas/coffee beans, various stuffed burritos from hummus to spicy chicken, with an unimaginable array of cheese wedges, fresh pasta, and a massive assortment of fresh fruits. We snacked on peaches, nectarines, and apricots for breakfast all for roughly $1.60. What a deal! 

In addition, some familiar entities like TJ Max, Lu-Lu Lemon, and Urban Outfitters, were also open-for-business among the England-based stores. No shopping limitations here.

While walking through the campus town, we toured the Kettle House belonging to Jimmy Ede? Who the Sam Hill is Jimmy Ede?  Okay, to be perfectly honest, we saw a sign, maybe a neon sign flashing “free entrance,” stumbled into a reception area where we were immediately whisked towards a mature group of women, who were awaiting two “select” individuals to complete their required number of art critics. (We chose the “wrong” door).  Anyway, as the tour was in progress, our guide definitely won the prize for patience, as the “group” we joined were in a Master’s program of Art at Cambridge, and despite our guide’s reminders that time was of essence, with another group on our tail, these women would not be prodded. They asked numerous questions about the paintings hung in Jimmy Ede’s home, and truthfully, Rick and I were COMPLETELY LOST. Can you imagine how awkward it was to “pretend” to be interested in Jimmy’s home and decor, which housed art that was bland and dull, punctuated with what appeared to be meaningless  blobs of dark paint.  Midway through the tour, one of the “artists-in-training,” announced, “Oh, I just cannot take all of this. I am completely haunted by this art!” That comment pushed us over the top and we apologetically darted for the door. God Bless Jimmy.

Took the train back to Kings Cross, bought a diet coke, chocolate, and settled in to do our “daily” journaling. 

Utilizing the rail system to get around is extremely efficient  and effortless. We’ll see how it goes when we ride the rail for Bruges, Belgium on Thursday morning. SO EXCITED!!

Hope all is well on your end! Over and out for now!

2 thoughts on “OFF TO COLLEGE

  1. Amazing!!!! I can just see the two of you running outside in stitches of mischievous laughter!

    I’m going to research who “in the Samhill” Jimmy Edes is!!!

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