Fortunately, the designated seats on our ride to Prague had large, picturesque windows for viewing the countryside while heading into the city. The landscape evidenced the abundance of rain, and perhaps even snow,  in the rolling green hills, forests of deep green trees, and the Elbe River coursing  through the center of the quaint town. 

This morning,  we got up with intentions to explore downtown Prague, but first things first. . .where do we get COFFEE!!! On a whim, we searched for Starbucks, and what do you know? Starbucks  has a presence in Prague. Who-da thunk!  After some computer time/reading, etc., we set out. 

Much like most of the cities we have traveled through, downtown has a character of its own. It is perhaps shaped by many variables, but there is even a beauty in this  diversity–comfort in a place of belonging.

In every location to this point, we have seen majestic structures adorned with gold filigree decor, delicate figurines, topped with intricate finials. Such beautiful designs. 

Clocks seem to be a theme among the decor in each city, which typically hangs or are enclosed in a steeple at the top of a high-rise. However, one such clock, the  Prague Astronomical Clock is a medieval clock attached to the outside wall of the Old Town Hall in Prague. The clock was first installed in 1410, which sets it aside as the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and one which is also the oldest in operation. 

As we walked deeper into the city, we saw the urban-esque vibe disappear, and  unexpectantly we found ourselves on a street that well could have been RODEO DRIVE!! From Chanel, to Rolex, their prestigious presence called out to those wanting a one-of-a-kind, upcoming, trending garment, purse or watch, Each and every label, recognizable worldwide, housed a tuxedo clad gentleman, who stood with authority and power to selectively man the door and scrutinize the patrons when entering and exiting their territory. Gotta love it!

Surprisingly, we did not venture into any of the establishments,  but enjoyed taking pictures, and window-gawking at the pricing on the “said” couture. 

Below is a snap-shot of the  upcoming in-vogue look–according to Prada–that we all undoubtably will be wearing. . .

After consuming a seeded, crusty, pastry of some sort (what a contrast), slathered with peanut butter, we headed to our villa (sarcasm noted) to gather our clothing which were in dire need of a laundromat. 

Bought salads (a bit of a stretch), played Gin, and headed to bed for an early morning wake-up and walk to the station to board the train for Krakow.

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