“Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh” (A Letter from Camp) OR IT WILL NOT WORK.

Hello Muddah, hello Faddah,
We are not in—Camp Granada.
We’re in Europe—with a cell phone,
Please don’t be afraid that we won’t truly come home!

Here we are in……Barcelona.
Eating fresh bread—with our kona.
Hear the kids play—in the big park,
And a myriad of big dogs who will all bark.

Oh the beach here—is so charming,
Dodging trains there—quite alarming.
Not to worry—you must still go,
Just watch yourself so you don’t stub your big toe.

Now the condo—could be so great,
If the flowers—were not so fake.
There are orchids—and some daisies,
And a vase that grew some hair and looks quite crazy.

Now the bathroom—has a shower,
But cold water—and no power.
Wait a moment—and you’ll get some,
Scalding water with some blisters on your red bum.

Are there napkins—and some dish rags?
Maybe Kleenex—and some more bags.
And the sofa,—not so lumpy,
So my Rick won’t sit to read and become grumpy.

Oh, Spain is—such a beauty,
Lots of grape vines—and some nudies.
Rolling mountains—and blue flowers,
If you sit and eat outside you might get showered.

Here’s the real truth—and it’s le-git,
Did we sight-see? Just a wee bit.
Ate some bad food—drank some water,
Running to and from the toilet it got hotter.

No gazpacho—or Paella,
No patatas—or tortillas.
No madrono—or sangria,
We just laid in bed and prayed that we would “sleepa.”

                                              ONE DAY IN BARCELONA

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6 thoughts on “S P A I N

  1. I am impressed with your lyrics….. I am looking forward to you singing this with motions when you guys get back home….. not sure how to process the “red bum” part of the song though.

    Glad you guys are making the best of all the different unexpected situations you encounter without getting derailed…. A little train humor pun ….

    Praying for health and safety every day for you guys….. Miss you (at least Rick 😜)

    1. Dear Steve–Did I detect a COMPLIMENT? It would seem you used the word “impressed” in a response to my journal!!!!Wow!! Absence does make the HEART GROW FONDER!!!

      But then, the “real” Steve steps up to the plate with “Miss you (at least Rick)! Oh–and are we in the best-chocolate-in-the-world location as we speak??? Nuff said! Ha!!

      BACK AT YA!

  2. Oh no!! But did you feel well enough to see La Sagrada de Familia? Las Ramblas?

    I missed this “adventure” earlier… hope all is well now!

  3. Oh my word! I am dying, laughing! You are so hilarious and creative in your humor even under those circumstances! But you really are coming home some day though, right? Miss you!

  4. That was a great poem you wrote and I can’t wait to hear you sing it when you get home. Sorry I have not commented too much but I’ve been really crazy busy here and today I’m catching up with everything. So glad you’re having a wonderful time so glad you saw the Arc de Triomphe. It’s a really special thing to say and Spain too and now I want to know where you are next. Love you guys

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