From Monschau, Germany, we boarded two buses and one train to get us to Cologne, Germany. We expected a hussle-bussling city on the move. And it is.

We pre-selected some tourist areas of interest prior to Cologne arrival and The EL DE, was at the top of our list.  

The ELDE Haus, officially the NS Documentation Center of the City of Cologne, is the former headquarters of the Gestapo and now a museum documenting the Third Reich.

This is a difficult subject to approach and  I do not feel qualified to bring any form to this unimaginable era during Hitler’s reign. It was perhaps a glance of Satan-incarnate.

 I was unaware of the many perks, pensions, the supporting of businesses, granting high-government position offerings, and many other benefits redeemable with membership into the Nazi  party. All of these Nazi-manipulations were against the back-drop of dire,  rampant poverty. The decision to join Hitler’s ranks, in essence, was made for them. Deeply troubling, to say the very least.

The  EL DE HAUS has been preserved in most of its original form-the cells where prisoners were kept, the latrines, interrogation rooms, the Gestapo living areas, and the outdoors courtyard  where prisoners were put before a firing squad or hung.

For some unknown reason, the guards allowed prisoners  to write on the prison walls with a variety of tools that may have been an attempt leave a memory of their existence.

This day will stay with me.


This is the synagogue which was set ablaze during a church service where over 800 Jews perished. I am posting this not for shock value but to honor those who died for their faith.

This will stay with me.

6 thoughts on “THE EL DE

  1. Oh Sherry what a truly memorable experience! I love how you honor those who’ve gone before us. I so love reading about all these incredible locations you are traveling through! And you know me, I love the photos!!

    1. It’s so good to better understand how Hitler was able to do what he did so that we will never allow that to happen again!

  2. Sherri what an experience you and Rick are having. You are Seen things that no tourist sees when they visit Europe. I can’t believe the stories that I’m reading on your blogs. And your pictures are incredible. I can’t wait to hear your stories.

    1. Thank you so much, Terri. It has been an incredible trip of immersing ourselves into a different world. We are currently on a train heading to Berlin where we will board another taking us to Prague!!!! Then to Krakow/Auschwitz. Hope all is well on your end!!!

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