The Eiffel Tower and the Louvre were two locations I was anticipating with great excitement AND since our visit was not in the height of tourist season, we would most likely be  perusing at our own leisure. DREAM ON!


To make matters a little more challenging, and because we were not expecting hordes of peeps, we decided to save a few bucks and buy our tickets on arrival (my idea). STRIKE TWO!!


We walked into the ginormous  “Louvre Square” and our jaws dropped. There were masses of people everywhere AND  SO MANY LINES!! Rick and I tend to lean towards  being prepared with tickets in our hands, consequently, therefore, this was getting ugly.  I looked at Rick and he was clearly frustrated (with emphasis) which is somewhat unusual with his “easygoing” persona. When I saw his reaction, I knew I was in trouble. . .

So I found what I thought was the shortest line—settling in for a significant wait. Ten minutes into lining up with the multitudes, Rick joined me with this announcement “All of these people in all of the lines have SKIP THE LINE, tickets for 9:30am and are waiting to ENTER the museum, and it is going on 11 am.”   At this point, I was developing a rash of sorts that started on my chest and was rapidly moving upwards, and further, due to the sheer numbers, we were prohibited from even seeing a ticket purchasing area.


ENTER lady, husband and two kids. As I was literally standing in the “confused group,” panicking at this point, a woman “happens” to walk by briskly and say to her family, “Come this way! There’s another entrance!”  Hey! I could be her family-for-a-day. . . So,  I took off like a shot out of a cannon, running as fast as my little legs would carry me.

 Meanwhile, my confused husband Rick is yelling at me to “STOP!” AND madder than a hornet because he doesn’t know why I am running after these people. I cannot stop to explain, so I ignore him and KEEP RUNNING (Hey–I had to keep my eyes on “the prize!”)

Finally, I arrive at the “secret door,” and 5 minutes later exasperated Rick catches me and says, “WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?” I just smiled and pointed to the door.

We then ordered our tickets online, waited for our appointed time slot, and walked in the back door. We high-fived, celebrated, while Rick was “eating crow.”. (drama added for effect).

Though our audio tour guide was a bit challenging to follow, once we got on track, our visit was educational and magnificent! Was the best part “the door”? (maybe—wink).



Lest you think my photography skills are inadequate, which they are, please appreciate my efforts in acquiring this photo. I had to weasel my short self, through a million TALL peeps, in an enclosed room where we were elbow-to-elbow attempting to catch a glimpse for a quick “pic.” 

Okay. I am going to be honest here: I was underwhelmed. Why, you say? For starters, could the photo have been any dinkier at a whopping  2-feet/6-inches by  1-foot/9-inches? And with the protective-glass “haze”  causing  light reflections which sadly, rendered it  nearly impossible to get a clear replication of this VERY FAMOUS painting.

HERE’S A BIG “HOWEVER;” I had the distinct privilege of being able to view the MONA LISA in all her glory at the Louvre in Paris. No-matter-what the circumstances happened to be, it was a once in a lifetime experience and I am over-the-moon grateful!


6 thoughts on “THE LOUVRE

  1. Why is it that wives so often enjoy watching their husbands “eating crow”? In all of my good friend Rick’s Blogs (and in life in general) I never remember him relishing in watching his beloved wife “eat crow”. Funny how that is …. You would think that after 50 years of marriage a man’s wife would be a little more supportive of her husband who is trying his best to make everything a pleasurable as possible for his wife.

    Oh how I truly miss having these types of conversations (aka banters) with you in person. Typing them out just doesn’t do it justice….. you miss out on those great facial expressions and sarcastic tones in the dialog.😜

    I guess after this comment I will never taste the joy of your homemade ice cream again…


      1. I do not remember any suggestion that there was even a hint of ENJOYMENT on my end at my dear, wonderful, husband’s crowing.
      2. I am COMPLETELY AND ENTIRELY benevolent in my interactions with said husband. Besides–I MARRIED HIM, DIDN’T I???????
      3. Life has been quite ethereal sans the DROLLERY that I have had to put up with!
      4. Not sure I have even a sarcastic bone in my body. .
      5. Asked my neighbor to put the ice cream maker on our front porch for the Good Will transport.

      THE END.

  2. I had the same feeling when I saw an opera performed by the Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln center. It too was an underwhelming opera performance, but hey…. I was seeing an opera at the Met!!!!!!

  3. LOL AGAIN! You are too much Girl! I can totally envision this as I read your description! Steve reacts the same way to large crowds! But wow, I didn’t know the Mona Lisa painting was so small! Disappointing yet magnificent! I think you take amazing pictures!

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