Once again, we boarded our favorite mode of transportation trekking to Trier, Germany, which was a hub to our adventure north. We exited the train station, and made our way to the next Airbnb location. Let me preface this analysis by including our history with Airbnb locations—for the most part have been WAY better than we imagined or hoped for. This was an “exception” initially, not in a good way. 

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Not only was our host curt (we had to call for the lock box combination which was never sent), our “apartment” measuring about 10 x 15  feet, with a king-size bed, no kettle to heat water (we drink instant), no coffee mugs, no paper towels, napkins, chairs, table, a one-person only WC (water closet—bathroom) no shelf for toiletries and two towels for 4 days  So basically, when we were in the room (loose term) we could go to bed or take turns in the bathroom BIG HA!!! We chuckled and fell into bed sleeping in the most comfortable bed EVER!!

I am realizing that there is something to be learned from most all of the locations we have had the privilege of exploring and Trier was no different. It was not upscale, and fancy but there was “life” and energy present with families strolling the city center while enjoying an ice cream, mamas sipping on a cuppa java while pushing babies in strollers, youngsters playing tag nearly tripping anyone near their chase, and even those on the street happily collecting donations while sitting on blankets, enjoying a cig, always accompanied by a dog, who often is chewing on a stuffed animal of sorts. 

There is a quiet beauty in simplicity. These people did not require bells and whistles for entertainment but seemed to be in the moment enjoying their community and culture. 


In addition, the square boasted of clothing, shoe stores and even a Woolworths  where I bought a pair of reading glasses for 2 bucks. It doesn’t get better than that. And, there were  boba pop-ups, variety merchants selling wares from gelato, croissants, to soup-of-the day, and French, Asian and Italian offerings. Voila!

One evening we wanted to mingle—somewhat—with the locals so we settled for an outdoors Asian, fast-food pop-up and ordered tofu curry. Safe, right? For starters, the tofu was unlike any texture/taste I’ve ever put my chew to, accompanied by a tasty sauce containing vegetables (?) which I have never seen or tasted in my life. All of this deliciousness (sarcasm maybe indicated) came with a tower of white rice (saving grace). It was a meal to “remember,” of sorts.


The High Cathedral of St. Peter contained  exquisite artifacts, floor-to-ceiling carved wooden and marble images, colorful mosaic scenes of Jesus’ crucifixion, Mary the mother of Jesus, the last supper with the disciples, among so many other works of art. It is unimaginable to ponder the expense and time it must have taken to construct such a stature of beauty.

We have journeyed  through many cathedrals, and without exception, there is a common “feel” or a sense of pensive-silence while in these churches. Perhaps it is the sheer majesty and expansive character of the structure– embellished guilded ceilings which arch beyond the imagination. I typically stand quietly in a cloud of awe.

Musings on day trips to Luxembourg, St. Goar, Koblenz, and a 12-hour stay in Hamburg to follow soon.

4 thoughts on “TRIER, GERMANY

  1. WOW! Jaw dropping beauty around every corner! Love your pictures! Along with your words (so often amusing!) It makes it so fun to follow your journey! Thanks for these posts!

  2. It sounds like your air bnb ended up being great! (Or at least the area where you were made up for it)
    I’m not so sure about that tofu dish from a street vendor…I can’t wait to hear the stories in person!

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