Why am I up @ 5am when our flight is 8 hours into the future? Anticipation? Stepping into the unknown? Excitement? Perhaps all of the above.

This is a first for us. Over the past 10-ish years, our travels have been focused in various African locations for medical relief and the initiating of clean water in villages. These trips have made their life-long imprint and have left us with a longing to return to this continent which captured our hearts long ago. But today.

Who would have thunk. . .that two young teens would journey to one of the two states where 18-year olds can legally marry, exchange vows and cigar bands (not really but makes for a good story) busted-broke but gleefully riding into the sunset sporting an old, dilapidated Ve-dub? Fast-forward.

50 year of loving–in concert with conflict, problem solving, resolutions, arguments, frustrations, compromise, anger, joy. . .and every other emotion known to man, all culminates on our knees. results in truly “knowing and being known.”

I would say “yes” again. And again.

11 thoughts on “UP, UP AND AWAY

  1. Have a fantastic trip. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Was a dream of Chuck and mine but…. Happy travels my friend.

  2. So excited Sis for you and Rick! Praying for a wonderful time. Looking forward to all the updates. ❤️🙏❤️

      1. Hey! I’m behind on reading! Just realized you probably had been writing and perhaps I wasn’t checking! I was right!! Can’t wait to catch up!

        1. No worries at all!! Just so happy to hear from you! I am not blogging because I expect people to read. I am attempting to develop the habit of daily journaling so I do not forget the details of the various places we have visited.

  3. So excited for you both. What an amazing journey and a new addition to your testimony. Looking forward to updates and pictures. Continue to hold you both in our prayer’s.

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