Friday, when we were up @ 5am to catch our train, the first of our 4 trains, our gut issues had subsided. We were SO, SO GRATEFUL, as I am not sure how we would have been up to traveling. Phew!!!

Our 10-hour trek was full of wonderful conversations with various travelers along the route, coffee and snacks, and we also had our noses in books we are currently engaged in.

As I have mentioned before, the  European transportation systems are beyond incredible and I am constantly amazed with each and every trip. I mean, it’s crazy that we can travel by train, from a small city 40 minutes outside of Barcelona to Paris–all in one day. Magnifico!!(my new favorite word)

Let me just say this, most of our destination train stations are typically in the not-so-nice parts of the city and unless you’re Petula Clark and want to go “downtown,” you don’t TYPICALLY want to go “downtown.” I also tend to “expect” what I would deem as “reality” versus a “hoping” for something different. And so, it was in this vein that I stepped out of the station in Vincennes, France. This is what I saw. . .


We stood in awe of the beautiful, pristine town of Vincennes before either of us spoke. Turns out, our “new” pad is about a 15-minute to the hub of the city AND–what a hub!!!

There are cafes scattered up and down the streets and on each corner–where friends are gathering for drink, food and conversation. 


We sat at a cafe last night, and enjoyed a meal with the added bonus of meeting our server, “Patrick,” who might have been pushing 70, but such a cute little guy. He knew we were from America (guess we have a “look?”) and informed us that he visits with a friend who lives in  Bel Air, Los Angeles. When we told Patrick we did not live in Bel Air, he responded with, “Oh, I know that”, and laughed!

Vincennes is enchanting with streets full of vendors selling every imaginable cheese option, delicatessens  with sausages, salads, side dishes, and many varieties of “cured” meats, bakeries baking countless bread, loaf and pastry choices, Indian, AND Vietnamese, Chinese, Italian, and French eateries. 


Interestingly enough, there is also a scattering of “exclusive” stores, i.e., Dior, Cartier, Bulgari, and Mont Blanc, open for “your” business. It is pure enjoyment just walking down the streets, looking into store windows, and discovering how the French live. One thing I know–they love them some bread–daily! Oh, btw, we adopted this cultural standard! Ha!


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  1. So incredible all the countries you are able to visit and experience! Love, love, love all the photos and hearing about it all!

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