After our glorious run, we set out to find the best waffles in town as our mantra has been to sample items which the locals consume. We found a waffle cart that delivered a crisp-on-the-outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, waffle which was doused in Nutella. Not disappointed. 

So let me digress for a moment. Because I have earned the reputation as a “foodie,” it became important to sample wares which the residents regularly enjoy. That said, not exaggerating—EVERYONE eats ice cream—sometimes in a cup but mostly on a cone. So lest we miss a nutriment opportunity we indulged in a cone—one with vanilla and pistachio for Rick and a speculoos and caramel scoop for me. I mean. . .no words. As a bonus, the young man serving us, generously supplied us with samples to make sure we left the establishment very happy. And we did.



Restaurants do not offer tap water, also referred to as “plain” water. If you want something to drink, you can order sparkling or mineral water but it is on your buck. You are served a bottle of either option, an empty glass with one ice cube.  Never realized ice was such a commodity.


This is just a sampling of what we woke up to every morning, and I might add, we are in the thick of deep, dark withdrawals!

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